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UV Small Format printer RB102U

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1.The printing platen size of this UV flatbed printer is 330*450mm, the height of the platen can be adjusted freely between 0-100mm to fit the different thicknesses of printing media. The weight of the machine is 130 kg.
2.It has two color mode,so the output is more colorful.
3.Using two high quality Epson DX5 print heads ensures the quality of printing.
4.High quality UV ink confirm the color of graphic. Engineered for three types of inks: UV soft ink, UV medium Ink and UV hard ink.
5.About the media of printing, it can be phone cover, glass, wood and acrylic etc.
6.Standard configuration of software: Photoprint RIP and Optional configuration: Caldera.
7.Equipped with suction platform insuring a smooth media surface.
8.Dual LED solidification system, circulating water cooling system, ensuring the life span LED solidification unit.
9.Apply White Ink Circulation to make a smooth white ink printing.
10.This printer is available in two versions with and without white ink.


The transportation time is usually 7-28 days




Product Introduction

The RB102U model of small UV flatbed printer uses an Epson DX5 printhead with 5 colors (CMYK+W) and a printing platform size of 330*450mm. It also has a white ink circulation function to protect the printhead from clogging and ensure that the white ink does not coagulate. The automatic printhead cleaning function helps to save ink costs and lower usage costs. In addition, it is equipped with a water-cooled LED UV curing lamp, which can quickly cure UV ink.
This printer is very suitable for printing customized products such as laptop shells, phone cases, glasses, stationery, gifts, photos, and art prints. Its unique raised printing function allows ink to pile up to create a 3D effect. Its small size and low noise make it suitable for small studios, offices, and printing stores.
We can provide you with long-term discounts on ink prices to ensure that you can use this machine without any burden. We also offer online after-sales technical support to help you solve any problems with the printer.
In summary, the RB102U small UV flatbed printer is an excellent machine with a wide range of applications, outstanding print quality, and various functions. It is easy to use and maintain, and can help you save ink costs. We believe it can bring more benefits to users.

If you are one of them: Sings Making Factory, Gifts Printing Factory, Personality Decoration Company, Stationeryfactory, Design Company, Other Personality Products Factory.

You need a RB102U:Stable and Reliable, Fast return on investment, High Productivity, Low cost of each garment.



    If you are one of them: Sings Making Factory, Gifts Printing Factory, Personality Decoration Company, Stationeryfactory, Design Company, Other Personality Products Factory.

    You need a RB102U:Stable and Reliable, Fast return on investment, High Productivity, Low cost of each garment.



    USB2.0 Inerface: Connect with PC and carry on the printing work

    Easy Front Cover: Used for monitor the output.

    Printing Platen: 310mmX430mm

    Carriage and Capping System: Made from alloy by pricision mould Easy to maintenance.

    White Ink Circulation and Fillable catridage: White ink circulation and 4pcs 220ml fillable cartridges


    White Edition

    4-Color+White (CMYK+white)

    4-Color (CMYK)


Application Case




UV Small Format printer RB102U
Printer Model RB102U
Edition RB102U-C RB102U-W
Print Head Info.
Print Head Type Epson Dx5 Print Head
Printing Resolution 720X1440dpi
No.s of Print Head 2
Color Mode 4-Color(CMYK+W)x2 5-Color(CMYK+W)
UV Lamp Info
Type of UV Lamp LED
No.s of UV Lamp 2
UV Lamp Cooling System Air Cooling System
Printing Speed
Production Mode 60 times/h 20 times/h
Standard Mode 40 times/h 20 times/h
Quality Mode 30 times/h 15 times/h
Media Info
Ink Type UV Ink(LED)
Media Type board/artware/packaging box
Max.Printing Size 310x430mm
Max.Media Thickness 100mm
Max. Media Weights 10kgs
Operation System & RIP Software
Operating System Windows 7/Windows 10
Standard RIP Software Photoprint 12
Optional RIP Software Caldera
Working Power & Environment
Working Voltage AC220V 50HZ
Printer Power 700W
Working Environment 20~ 28  C/ 55 %~75  %
Packing & Shipment
Printer Dimensions 1385(W)x1000(D)x690(H)mm
Package Size 1552(W)x1092(D)x920(H)mm
Net Weights 130kgs
Gross Weights 210kgs
Loading Quantity of 20FT Container 14pcs
Loading Quantity of 40FT Container 30pcs
Note:All the appearance and technical parameters are subject to change without notice.


1.Q:What about the size of this printer?

A:A3 platform,it can print 30*40cm photo.

2.Q:What is its MAX speed?

A: In production mode, white version, it can make 30 times per hour by dual Epson DX5 print heads.

3.Q: Can it print phone cover?

A:Yes,it also can print gifts,pens,labels and PC board with high quality output.

4.Q:What print head you use?

A:We use dual Epson DX5 to ensure the quality of image.

5.Q:Can I use sublimation ink?

A:Actually no. We suggest you to use UV ink to ensure the quality. If you need to print other inks, please consult us about the machine.

6.Q:What advantage do you have compared to other factory or brands?

A:Compared with UV platform printer manufactured by other factory, we are better at:

(1)Physical Construction: Alloy structure, better precision and quality.

(2)Printing Control: different mode designed for different inks.

(3)Manufacture Process control: Mold production makes high quality spare parts.

7. Q:How about the warranty?

A:We promise one year of body.

8. Q: How long is the delivery date of the machine?

A: Normally, it need 20days for production.

9. Q:Do you provide product proofing service?

A: Of course we can.

10. Q: What are your terms of payment?

A:We only can accept 100% TT in advance.


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