1.Size: 700mm and 1300mm. Applicable sheet thickness: 1-10mm.
    2.Adjustable temperature ≤600℃. Adjustable heating gap:0-20mm. Working voltage: 110V/220V
    3.With angle adjuster 0-160°and length position adjuster
    4.Circulating water cooling system by submerged pump, keep the worktable stay in cool condition to protect hand and machine.
    5.Big worktable ensures evenly heated, no foaming, no deformation, easy to handle.


    1. Easy operate

    2. Low energy consumption and energy saving

    3. Small and smart volume

    1) Application materials: Acrylic sheet, Plexiglass sheet.

    2) Available cutting thickness: ≤5mm .

    3) Available cutting size: 25" / 48".

    4) Ruler and blade in one, makes the straight cutting effect better.

    5) Smoothly cutting, no rough edge.

    6) A good helper for workshop, no dust.

    7) The blades can be easily replaced.


    1) Available material: Acrylic board, Plexiglass.

    2) Available thickness: 1-5mm

    3) Available width: ABM703≤650mm, ABM1303≤1250mm

    4) The heating gap width: 8mm (CAN NOT ADJUST).

    5) Working voltage: 220V. Temperature: ≦600℃

    6) The distance between three heating module can be adjusted to satisfy the different requirement of the size.

    7) Circulating water cooling system by submerged pump(random color), keep the worktable stay in cool condition to protect hand and machine.

    8) With length adjuster(removable)


    1. Two sizes which meet the need of different requirements and can be used together.

    2. It adopts 6063# aluminum alloy and a reinforced structure of 5 beams.

    3. Bearing weight: 35KGS. 

    4. 360°no dead angle. No front and back directions which can be rotated by all directions.

    5. The bottom with large area anti-slip mat, which can be operated on glass table.


    1. Avaliable materials: PP, Photo graohic, film, PVC,KT board etc.

    2. Avaliable thickness: ≤10mm

    3. Alimunium widened base could fix the material.

    4. Cutter and ruler in one, liner guide fixed and leaded cutting blade, ensure the?accurate cutting, improve cutting performance.

    5. The protective blade cover ensures the safety cutting.

    1. Our manual paper trimmer is widely used in advertising making, exhibition organizers,picture production, studio and many other fields.

    2. Features:

    Ⅰ.Adjustable blade depth, max to 12mm thickness material.

    Ⅱ.Unique design safety cover, avoid injury during working.

    Ⅲ.Aluminium alloy slippy worktable ensures smooth cutting.Strong resistance to corrosion

    Ⅳ.Big waste catcher keeps your workplace clean and tidy.

    1.Our paper trimmer is widely used in advertising making, exhibition organizers, picture production, studio and many other fields.


    Ⅰ.Unique design safety cover, avoid injury during working.

    Ⅱ.Adjustable blade depth, max to cut 10mm thickness material.

    Ⅲ.Using common blades, easy for replacement and purchase in local market.

    Safety Ruler are primarily designed to be held by your fingers away from the long edges. They are especially suited to use with a knife, blade or similar cutting tool, avoiding danger. They can be used as a guide to cut or score straight lines. Standard flat rules are more difficult to be held by your fingers away from the edges if being used with a cutting tool.

    It is adopted with “” shaped wide flat structure and handle. Wide flat design makes holding easily. Groove structure handle ensure the safety during cutting straight lines, and holding better.

    Safety Ruler tend to be made from aluminium, because plastics or woods can easily be damaged by cutting tools. There are two anti-slips on the flat size of the ruler, which creates friction, holding the materials tightly, avoiding moving.


    Advertising ruler are commonly used in crafting. They can be safely held while pieces are cut from materials such as paper, card or fabric. They usually have non-slip backing so they will not move when pushing a cutting instrument against them. These rules allow the user to cut or score long straight lines easily.


    It may also be used for precision drawing. The design of safety rules means that the edge you use is particularly visible, so accurate lines can be drawn from them.


    It is equipped with visible and precision measurements along their edge,  standard metric and imperial gradation measurements. They can be used for measuring, in the same way as standard rules.

    1.Neat and tiny,  easy to operate

    2.Fixed and accurate angle, don’t need to adjust the depth.

    3.Marked with alignment marks in the starting position and tandem position.

    4.Sharpen blade, easy for replacement 

    1.Durable, strong and ergonomics design

    2.Sharpen blade, easy for replacement

    3.Fixed blade position, don’t need to adjust.

    1. Comfortable holding, easy to use, and ergonomic design.
    2. Two use modes can be convenient to switch, so that they can fit different use occasions.
    3. The knife head is easy for replacement, and each set equipped with two replaceable blades for easy replacement.
    4. Make logos, posters, display stands, packaging boxes


    1.Adopt PTC heating core, long life working.

    2.Light and small volume, better for continuous operation.

    3. Constant temperature control for long time working.

    4.Apply for different chemical fabrics, especially the flag fabric.

    5. Input voltage: 220V. Power: 90W.

    TIPS: Please pay attention to the safe use of high-temperature products. Do not touch the metal part with your hands when it is heated and not completely cooled. Please keep it out of reach of children.

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