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Acrylic Cutter MT05

Straight track,it is easier to cut acrylic sheets by hand

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1) Application materials: Acrylic sheet, Plexiglass sheet.

2) Available cutting thickness: ≤5mm .

3) Available cutting size: 25" / 48".

4) Ruler and blade in one, makes the straight cutting effect better.

5) Smoothly cutting, no rough edge.

6) A good helper for workshop, no dust.

7) The blades can be easily replaced.


The transportation time is usually 7-28 days




Product Introduction

The Manual Acrylic Cutter MT05 is a tool used to cut acrylic sheets. It is made of aluminum and has the characteristics of being sturdy, durable, lightweight, and easy to carry. This cutter uses a hook blade design, which is placed on an aluminum guide rail to ensure the user's safety during the cutting process. When cutting acrylic sheets, the hook blade can easily hook the acrylic sheet out of the slot, and then the user can manually break the sheet along the cut line. It is easy to operate.

The advantages of the Manual Acrylic Cutter MT05 are that it is easy to operate, does not require a power source or other auxiliary equipment, and is suitable for on-site cutting in various situations. The structure design using aluminum profiles makes the cutter lightweight, durable, and convenient for users to carry and use at any time. The Manual Acrylic Cutter MT05 also has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, fast cutting speed, and low cost, which can meet the needs of different users.

However, there are also some limitations to the Manual Acrylic Cutter MT05. For example, it is only suitable for cutting relatively thin acrylic sheets, and other equipment needs to be used for cutting thicker sheets. In addition, the cutting accuracy of the manual cutter is also limited by the operator's skill level and experience.

The Manual Acrylic Cutter MT05 is widely used in various industries, such as advertising production, decorative material processing, and sign making. In the sign making process, the Manual Acrylic Cutter MT05 can not only improve production efficiency but also reduce production costs. Compared with other cutting equipment, the manual cutter is relatively inexpensive and does not require a lot of energy or materials. Therefore, the Manual Acrylic Cutter MT05 is widely used in sign making.

Manual Plastic/Acrylic cutting machine is especially suitable for cutting acrylic, plexiglass,Plastic, PP, ABS, PET sheet, organic glass. The linear track can guide the knife during work, which can make the cutting edge flat and straight. The protective cover of knife makes cutting safer.


    Protective Cover

    Equipped with a protective cover, it can avoid injury during working.

    Wide Workbench

    The workbench is wide enough to put sheet stably,making cutting more easy and improving working efficiency.


    Hook Blade

    International certification,special black blade,SK2 carbon steel,smooth cutting,no knife collapse.



Aecfun Acrylic Cutting machine
Product Name Large Format Acrylic Cutter
Product Model MT05-700 MT05-1300
Working Principle Cutting with a blade Cutting with a blade
Applicable Width 25"(620mm) 48"(1220mm)
Applicable Thickness ≤5mm ≤5mm
Working Pattern By hand By hand
Product Packing
Carton Size 850(W) x 360(D) x 150mm(H)  1450(W) x 360(D) x 150mm(H)
Packing Quantity 1pcs/ctn 1pcs/ctn
Net Weight 6kg 9.2kg
Gross Weight 9kg 12kg
Product Shiping Specs
20GP 608pcs 360pcs
40GP 1260pcs 735pcs
40HQ 1478pcs 833pcs
Express Service Available Available
Product Maintenance
Certification CE Certification
Warranty 365D(exclude force majeure,aritificial factors)


1. Q: What’s material can it cut?

A: Acrylic sheet, Plexiglass

2. Q: Can it cut PC?

A: No recommended, PC is not suitable for this machine because of its high tenacity.

3. Q: Is that straight cutting? Can it cut arc?

A: Yes, straight cutting only, no arc cutting.

4. Q: Can it cut off the material one time?

A: No, acrylic sheet is hard to cut off just one time. Usually, grooving first, then break. Details, pls refer to video.

5. Q: What’s the working thickness of acrylic sheet?

A: Thickness ≤5mm

6. Q: How many size? How about the cutting width?

A: Two sizes:MT05-700, cutting width ≤620mm (25" );MT05-1300,cutting width≤1220mm(48" )

7. Q: Can customize 2400mm?

A: No.

8. Q: How to operate? Any stand holder?

A: Just put on a table, without stand holder.( If need, contact to our sales for custom-made).

9. Q: Why do not have stand holder?

A: Because for cutting hard sheet, it is easier to exert cut putting on the table.

10. Q:Is there anything special?

A: It is specially for acrylic sheet cutting, wide base, straight track, fixed to guides the cutting head, to achieve accurate force and improve cutting performance.

11. Q: What’s special in cutting part?

A: The main part appots aluminium-alloy, firm and durable. Integral structure makes cutting safer.

12. Q: If the balde is blunt, does it need to exchange the whole cutting head?

A: No, only need to exchange the blade.

13.  Q: Is the blade special? Difficult to buy?

A: Yes, specail balde, but easy to find in the market.

14.  Q: What’s the advantage of this machine MT05, comparing with engraving machine? 

A: It is manual cutting machine with high cost performance. It is widely used for small amount, sample, or temporary cutting.

15. Q: Is the cutter easy to install?

A: Do not need to install. It is finished product before shipping, just use it directly.

16. Q: Does the cutter have CE certification?

A: Yes.


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