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TPE Flat Keder for SEG Light Box

TPE is one eco-friendly material to match the “green” requirements.[Price description: MOQ 1 PALLET, the quotation is for ONE PALLET(72rolls)]

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1.TPE is one eco-friendly material to match the “green” requirements.

2.Excellent performance on different sewing machines.

3.Similar hand feeling and stitching performance to Silicon Keder Strip.

4.Easily locked into the framing systems.


The transportation time is usually 25-35 days




Product Introduction

Flat Keder designed to be sewn onto the edge of the digitally printed textile fabric and other soft PVC films for the application fields of Silicon Edge Graphics - SEG.
This flat piece of Silicone can be sewn into the edge of your printed textile cloth & graphics, which allows your soft signage to lock into an aluminum frame (SEG). This system creates a tight, strong & sleek finished look. This versatile method enables you to switch out graphics repeatedly, without having to replace the frame. There are many applications for textile frames, such as: LED frames, backlit & front-lit frames, stand construction, retail & interiors. Great PVC replacement, and more “flexible” in nature. Sold by the spool.


    Standard TPE Keder

    Model: K01
    Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)  
    Color: White 
    Dimensions: 3x12mm 
    Surface: Smooth or micro groove  
    Package: 200m (219 yard ) per roll, wrapped on a cardboard reel.


    Premium TPE  Keder

    Model: K02
    Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)  
    Color: Semi-Transparent
    Dimensions: 3x14mm
    Surface: Smooth or micro groove  
    Package: 200m (219 yard ) per roll, wrapped on a cardboard reel.



    Pallet size: 100*65*205cm
    Gross weight: 550KGS


    Gross weight: 550KGS

    Note: 200m/roll, 2rolls/CTN, 36CTNS/PALLET
    Price description: MOQ 1 PALLET, the quotation is for ONE PALLET(72rolls)


1.Q:What is the ideal storage condition ?

A: Put the materials away from the direct sunshine and dry room, with recommended temperature 10 – 35 degrees.

2.Q:Is this material is green ?

A: Yes, TPE is one nature green material.


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